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Full Time Futures Day and Swing Trader. Creator Of The Pivot King Method®️. Known For Hitting Levels TO THE TICK®️🎯 Often Imitated Can Never Be Duplicated!👑

Join and learn PK's proprietary trading methodology that only gets better when combined with institutional trade data from Chat with other traders about VL charts and setups.
All members of get the Dark Pool Sniper Tool for free! The Dark Pool Sniper Tool is a custom tool that combines dark pool trades contextualized with trade metrics and the Pivot King's proprietary TO THE TICK®️🎯 trading methodology all within Ensign charting software. VL subscribers can use their existing subscription to integrate with the Dark Pool Sniper Tool for free as well. Click here to learn more!
Rolls Royce
@BrianBalance - AKA Rolls Royce

$SPY fortune teller & dark pool expert.

Brian is an avid follower of institutional trades and has built a proprietary system for tracking them. He combines his read of institutional trade patterns with technical analysis and shares his insights on his Twitter feed.

He also publishes a nightly substack that includes more detailed commentary on the day's action. He offers two versions of his newsletter, one free and one paid. The free newsletter covers SPY but the paid newsletter encompasses other tickers as well. Subscribe below.