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Do you want to see the stocks that are primed for outsized gains? The ones that the largest, market moving traders on Wall Street are betting on right now?

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The VL platform processes millions of data points daily to reveal unique and rich insights into the largest institutional positions that have the highest potential to move markets. We monitor time & sales market-wide and crunch every reported trade and develop rich, contextual information not available on the exchanges.

Eliminate Emotion. Make Decisions Based On Data.

When you can see where and how institutions are positioned, you can seize the most advantageous entry opportunities and ride positions longer to more efficient and more profitable exits. Instead of being blind-sided by large, powerful moves, you'll be able to ride them all the way to the bank. Become more confident and eliminate the guesswork by allowing data, statistics, and context to be your guide rather than emotions or the musings of furus and media personalities.
VL's modern architecture is designed to do what no human possibly could: drink from a firehouse of data and pick out the most important and market-moving trades being reported on the tape. Whether institutions are moving with urgency across multiple exchanges to get their fill as quickly as possible or patiently putting together a large position with the aid of unlit exchanges, VL is going to tell you everything available about that trade and add context to interpret it. The platform's screeners bring you contextual intelligence on where institutions are putting their money to work so you can do the same. Each screener provides a rich summary of each trade including historical rank, average trade size, trade conditions, percentile rank, frequency distribution, and more. It also provides convenient sorting mechanisms, the ability export data to Excel as often as you'd like for local analysis, and filters to hone-in on specific thematics you want to focus on like the Energy sector, volatitlity-related tickers, crypto, bull/bear leverage, precious metals and dozens more - you can even construct your own watchlists and filtering criteria to customize the system to your trading style and preferences.
There are several ways to spot unusual volume but only VL provides historical context into exactly how unusual the size of the prints are in the ticker's history, how frequently they happen, graphically display the relationship to past prints and more. Furthermore, one of VL's most compelling features is the ability to track positions being amassed or distributed quietly in a tight range as "clusters". These clusters are the sum of more clandestine operations that, in aggregate, leave a clear footprint of the activity that transpired at a price or price region. These clusters, especially when analyzed across multiple timeframes, are some of the most consistently rewarding support/resistance plays VL users experience.
Is someone building a position in a leveraged index ticker before a bull run? Are volatility tickers catching a bid before an "unexpected" downdraft? Are precious metals about to put in a turn? With VL alerts, you'll have the inside track on any unusual activity. The data all hits your dashboard as it becomes available. You have access to intraday and historical data. Alerts are configurable according to over 30 parameters, giving you real-time actionable intel on the exact tickers you want delivered directly to your inbox.

Simple. Powerful. Proven.

VL Provides Context For Everything That Transpires

Disproportionately Large & Rare Trades

Filter out the noise and focus on the largest trades that are moving markets now and for days, weeks or even months to come. We provide the contextual statistics you need to determine if that large-looking trade is rare or just rather run-of-the-mill.

Trade Clusters

Institutions will frequently attempt to obfucate the amount of business they are doing by campaigning over a range. We collect all of that data so you clearly see the most important price levels to measure buyer or seller success on a given day, and provide contextual metrics for each cluster.

Institutional Levels

With over 20 years of historical data, VL automatically calculates the price levels at which institutions are most active, and thus where price is most likely to revisit. Each level comes with its own contextual metrics to describe its size, rarity, is searchable, and is automatically plotted on charts.

Phantom Prints

These are dark pool trades that appear on the tape even though price has not traded that price on the day of their arrival. They are frequently a clear sign of manipulation and can be a useful clue in determining short-term direction for a ticker.

Offsetting Trades

Our signature matching algorithm can make detect when certain positions are being unwound and let you know so that you can exit when institutions do.

Cumulative Institutional Volume

Knowing which tickers are most active relative to each other on a given day is valuable, but knowing when a ticker is more active than its every been before provides valuable context. Track cumulative institutional activity both during and after hours, and measure it against all other days since inception.

Absurd ROI

VL Professional

$ 50 / mo

Unlimited access to proprietary analytics for all tickers on U.S. exchanges. Includes email alerts, private Discord access, substack newsletter access and unlimited support. Price for monthly subscription; yearly and quarterly subscription packages are also available.

VL Custom

$ 15-25 / mo

Access to proprietary analytics for 10 or 20 tickers of your choosing. Includes email alerts and unlimited support. Appropriate for traders with a need to monitor a specific subset of tickers. Ticker selection can change once per month.

VL Lite

$ 10 / mo

Access to proprietary analytics for a basket of related tickers on U.S. exchanges (Indexes, Oil & Gas, Metals & Miners, Crypto, etc.). Includes email alerts and unlimited support. Appropriate for those new to trading or with a need to monitor a very small subsection of the market.


...One of the best services out there! This takes institutional prints to a whole new level. ...I'm actually worried you'll make a ton of money and just shut down the service...please don't close 😜😅

This week has arguably been the best trading week of my life. I'm about to tweet "Volume leaders is the cheat code, go subscribe now" 😛

Thank you for the natgas videos lately...Your videos helped me make a couple of good decisions that I wouldn't have made without the insights from your platform. I rode KOLD up then jumped on BOIL. Thanks again for the fun ride!

AMD trade 117x...looking at instututional trades clustered and organized the way it is on VL is absolutely awesome. All you have to do is look the top trades of the day for any ticker and play off levels. It's great

Such an amazing and powerful platform. I've been a customer for a couple of months now and overall absolutely love your site! 🔥

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